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  • Add photos from Photoshop Elements 5
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  1. Anonymous

    The certificate is incomplete.  Why is it invalid?

  2. Anonymous

    YOur video isn't working

  3. Anonymous


    Glad to read that it is so simple. Do the keywords I have set in PS elements show up in Smugmug automatically or do I have to re-do my keywords?

    My Smugmug user name is Bob Hughes. I couldn't work out how to sign into the wiki. 



  4. Anonymous

    Unfortunately this only works for photos, not videos.

  5. Anonymous

    Something strange happens when I use photoshop to send my pics to smugmug.  I have captions on all my photos, but on a few of them appear once the pics are in smugmug.  Very strange that SOME of them go.  I would think it would be an all or none thing - as computers go.