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  1. Anonymous

    Can I please have my Smugfoto facebook application added to the list? A one-liner would be:

    Smugfoto displays all your public galleries from SmugMug within Facebook

  2. Anonymous

    I have created a latest gallery plugin for SmugMug, which can be placed on your SmugMug gallery or another website. Can someone please add a link to it on this page

  3. Anonymous

    I did develop some stuff for Joomla! cms

    • A Joomla! module (mod_smugmugslideshow) that display a slideshow in flash for displaying  your Smugmug pictures,
    • A Joomla! module (mod_smugmugrandom) that display random picture,
    • A Joomla! module (mod_smugmugvideo) that display Smugmug videos,
    • A Joomla! content plugin (plg_photofeed) that allow you to insert your gallery (Smugmug, Picasa, Flick) using their RSS feeds.

    Download them at

  4. Anonymous

    ACDSee, a full-featured photo manager, has supported direct upload to SmugMug accounts for the last two versions. It allow adding a selection of photos to an existing gallery or the creation of a new gallery.

    1. Anonymous

      Don't worry about using ACDSee.   It's database corruption issues will easily prevent you from uploading to Smugmug.  Avoid if at all possible.

      1. Anonymous

        I've been using ACDSee to upload directly to Smugmug for a year. Works great. Looks great. No problems. I also use an API from my website to link back simply to my smugmug site. Just what I had been looking for. Check out:

  5. Anonymous

    Does anyone know if the images can be downloaded with their searchable keywords included?

    1. Sure, AlbumFetcher will download images with full keywords, even those added after uploading to SmugMug.  (thumbs up)

      1. Anonymous

        Thanks Steve

        I have tried it but having problems, status says 'Session ID extraction failed. Aborting.'

        Does anyone have any ideas?


  6. Anonymous

    What about Jalbum? This is a great product and some skins currently offer purchases through other print services. It also allows you to host your own photos.