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  1. Anonymous

    How do i set what JPEG quality is used for the auto upload (preparing photos for upload phase)?  I'm pulling NEFs from a D80 into PSE 6.0, and want to know how to influence the parameters used for JPEG creation.


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  2. Anonymous

    My copy of Adobe Elements 6.0 doesn't have the Upload to Smugmug option, and it's a real bummer, because it would make my SmugMug experience soooo much better, not to mention easier.

    I only have E-mail to Mobile Phone (under More Options).

    Any idea what the problem is?


  3. Anonymous

    If you don't have the smugmug option - it is perhaps because you have a non-USA version.

    Go to preferences and change location to USA and it will appear (it worked on my French language version)

    Bonne chance

    1. Anonymous

      this post is correct:

      If you change your location under Edit Preferences to USA / Canada, then the list of share options is expanded to include smugmug

      it's not to do with the version of the software - just the location you choose

      Thanks for the pointer!  Helped me out.

      1. Anonymous

        I am unable to locate in the preference menu location. Are you referring to a Windows or Mac version of PSE6. I have a Mac. It would be great to upload my images using the Smug Mug option.

      2. Anonymous

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  4. Anonymous

    In my send to smugmug window, I get to step 2/3 = Pick Gallery and all I see is a black screen in the smugmug window.  None of my galleries are displayed, only a black screen.  I uploaded with no problems yesterday but tonight, no luck.


  5. Anonymous

    To get back to step 1/3, go to Preferences in Elements and then Adobe Partner Services.  Click the "Reset Accounts" button.  When you return to the SmugMug Share option, you should be at the login screen (step 1/3).  The same thing happened to me about 30 minutes ago and that's what I did to resolve the issue.  Hope it works for you.

  6. Anonymous

    Hi, Problem with SmugMug share from Elements6. It tells me that there is a problem with a jpg pictures (always another one) then it will start uploading abd flip back and forth quickly between preparing images and uploading images, it will actually not upload anything and the only way out is to Kill Elements from task manager.

    I tried to repair the album, it says that there are no problem.

    1. Anonymous

      I am having the same problem uploading files.  The only error message that I receive is "there is a problem with the file . . . "   Did you ever solve your problem?

  7. Anonymous

    Is it possible to upload an album from Elements 6 without losing the work embedded in an Album? Most importantly preservation of the order and transfer of captions. Right now it is quite random for both.

    1. Anonymous

      I've been uploading photos to Smugmug from Photoshop Elements for 2 years now.  I use PSE 6 and I recently noted that the photo order in Smugmug does not correspond to one in my Albums once uploaded to Smugmug.  This used to work perfectly before.  As anyone found a solution?

      1. Anonymous

        I've been having the same problem, too.  It started happening a few months ago, but it used to work fine.  I even emailed Smugmug's help and they didn't have an answer, though they thought it might be that Photoshop was somehow changing the metadata when it imported the photos.  I have tried adjusting the import settings, but no luck.  The only way I've found to work around it is to order the photos by filename (assuming your camera names them in chronologial order) instead of by date taken.  Hopefully someone has found a better way by now.

  8. Anonymous

    Can we uplaod to Smugmug from Photoshop Elements 7?

    1. Anonymous

      RE PSE 7.0. Yes, click on "share", "more options", "send to smugmug gallery". It works!

  9. Anonymous

    I'm in the UK with a UK edition of Elemnets 6 - it doesn't have the upload to Smugmug option.

  10. Anonymous

    I'm in the UK using PSE7. Share option does not show "send to smugmug gallery". Help?

  11. Anonymous

    Sorted! location altered to US/Canada on PSE7. Works

  12. Anonymous

    I'm using PSE 7.  Is there a way to automatically upload pictures to Smugmug with a reduced resolution/quality, without having to do it manually?



    1. Anonymous

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