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WARNING:smugDAV is highly experimental. I wouldn't even call it BETA level software just yet. If you're not comfortable fiddling with your computer, and potentially breaking something, please don't try this!

SmugDAV is a means to mount your entire SmugMug site, including Categories, SubCategories, and Galleries, as if it were a drive on your PC. This makes for fast, easy backups - simply copy and paste files from SmugMug to some other local drive, such as a hard-disk, CD/DVD burner, etc.

Some caveats:

  • SmugDAV is READ ONLY at this time. This means the following do not work, currently, though it is planned for the future:
    • Copying files from your computer to your smugDAV drive.
    • Copying files from one folder in smugDAV to another smugDAV folder
    • Deleting any files inside of your smugDAV folder
    • Renaming any folders or files
    • Creating new folders
  • SmugDAV uses a unique naming scheme to make it easy to correlate the folders and images to SmugMug's layout at a later date. It's highly recommended that you maintain these special folder and filenames for easy comparison and re-uploading to SmugMug, but that's your call. They work as follows:
    • C####_???? is a Category, and the #### represents the category's ID
    • S####_???? is a SubCategory, and the #### represents the subcategory's ID
    • A####_???? is a Gallery (aka Album), and the #### represents the gallery's ID
    • ####_??????.jpg is the actual photo, and the #### represents the image's ID
  • Currently, SmugDAV is recommended only as a means to make copies, for backups or otherwise, of your photos. No other use is intended, though that will change in the future.

Try it out on SmugDAV for Windows or SmugDAV for Mac if you're not too faint of heart (smile)

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  1. Anonymous

    Hi, I was trying to use this with Vista, but when I type in the URL, it says "The folder you entered does not appear to be valid".

    Do you know if this should work with Vista?



    1. Fix from our community of Smuggers!

      "I too can not connect via the instructions on the Wiki via Vista. But, I googled and found that there are two MS hotfixes that are said to resolve WebDAV issues.

      will give it a go, see what happens

      edit: this works...add this update, and you can connect to smugdav as you expect...good luck!"

  2. Anonymous

    I'm getting the same error,  looks like it's not working at this time.  Please reapir it so I may download my database of photos for backup. 

    1. Anonymous

      I am getting the same error.  "The folder you entered does not appear to be valid.  Please choose another."

      Currently running Windows Vista.

  3. Anonymous

    Same problem as above.  Any fix?  I want to break Vista!

  4. Anonymous

    Hate to join the crowd...but looks like Vista won't connect (i tried my XP machine, no problems).

  5. Anonymous

    I am not able to connect via Konqueror from Linux. I don't use Windows or Mac but should still be able to use WebDav connections.  Part of the difficulty is that my Smugmug user ID has the "@" symbol in it.  The Konqueror method for connecting to a Webdav share is a URL like "webdavs://".  Two "@" symbols in the URL is not permitted.

    BTW, if I connect with the URL webdavs:// without user ID or password I see a bunch of category directories but all of them are empty.  I assume it is a test connection of some kind.

    1. Hi, please write our help desk and we can assist, thanks!

      1. Anonymous

        Where is your help desk?  How does one reach you.  I'm out here in cyberland trying to upload files on a new computer with vista.  HELP!!!!!  Is there a workaround for this or not?  I have tried the supposed fix from microsoft and it does NOT fix this problem -- from what I can tell it works on 32 but not 64 (which I have).  HELP!!!!!  I've got to do this as part of my _job_, folks.  I'm an independent contractor, and I'm sunk if this doesn't work!!!!! HHHHHHHHEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPPPPP, I say.

  6. Anonymous

    Guys, I really do hope you'll work on that and allow write soon! I mean, if I ever be able to upload photos using my beloved Total Commander (+WebDAV plugin, of course) this will be like heaven for me!!!

  7. Anonymous

    If you are using Vista and your Webdav link is using https then continue reading.  We were having this same problem with our Vista users (XP worked fine).  I downloaded the KB907306 and tried all sorts of things but nothing worked.  Finally, I figured out the problem was that we were using an in-house SSL certificate to secure traffic (https).  As soon as I installed the root certificate of our organization, the problem went away.  If you are having this problem, then make sure you have the organization's root certificate installed or have the company (hosting the webdav folder) buy a trusted third-party certificate from Verisign, thawte, etc.  The link below provides further info:

    If nothing works, try downloading Netdrive ( which is free for home users and use that to connect to your webdav folder.

  8. Anonymous

    Okay, so like I am totally downloading all these wonderful pictures of mine like one by one.  Such a total drag.  And so like I look at your SmugDAV and use it.  Totally awesome dude!!  I spent like hours of my time downloading each one and your totally narly utility let me do the rest in like half the time.

    Thanks - your my new fav surfer dude!  Hang ten like (smile)