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  1. Anonymous

    "If you uninstall the software you lose the backup (in 30 days)"
    "If for whatever reason your computer stops communicating with Carbonite you can lose your backup (in 30 days)"

     These are actually false statements. According to their FAQs:

    "What happens if I uninstall Carbonite?
    If you uninstall your free trial of Carbonite, your backup will be deleted after 7 days.
    If you uninstall a paid subscription to Carbonite, we'll keep your backup on file for the full length of your paid subscription."

  2. Anonymous

    Regarding pricing, your current price model is:

    • $0.22 per GB/month
    • $0.30 per GB transfer-in
    • $0.51 per GB transfer-out
    • + $1/month recurring charge

    However, Amazon's current price model is much lower:

    • $0.18 per GB/month
    • $0.10 per GB transfer-in
    • $0.17 per GB transfer-out
    • $0.01 per 10,000 GET requests

    The question is if you guys will follow Amazon prices closely, so we, your customers, will benefit from it also? Currently your charges are 3x on transfers, and 20% extra for the storage.

    Thanks for a great service though! Love it! 

  3. Anonymous

    API support for SmugVault is sorely needed. Uploaders can't properly prevent duplicate uploads to SmugVault, for example, so resuming a large upload is not possible.