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Hi Folks! On March 17th we released a new version of our Full Screen Slideshow and also the gallery-style slideshow.

If you are having any difficulties with the slideshow, we want to help, and we'll do it in this thread on Dgrin. Some things we need to know when you reply:

1. We need to know your installed flash version, for IE (if you use it) and for other browsers. Go to this page at Adobe and tell us the results.

2. We need to know what browser you are using, and the version, and on what Operating System. E.g., IE6 on WinXP; IE7 on Windows Vista Home Premium; Firefox on Mac OS X 10.5.

3. We need a direct gallery link to where you are having the problem.

4. Tell us if you can use the Full Screen Slideshow here in this gallery.

5. Tell us if you can see the Full Screen Slideshow using this share link.

6. If you can see #5 and cannot see #4, can you see the full screen at Adobe's Full Screen test here.
(click the full screen mode on the left, then let the demo load, then click full screen view button on the movie).

7. If you cannot see SmugMug's Full Screen Slideshow, or the Cars Movie Demo in full screen or the Adobe Full Screen Demo in full screen, you may have a hardware issue with full screen. Try disabling hardware acceleration in the flash player.

Some of you may have all the right stuff but have customizing that is getting in the way of your Full Screen Slideshow:
modifying the breadcrumb with javascript
having the olde javascript slideshow installed still

Looking for Shizam's Homepage Slideshow? Right Here.

EDIT (April 9th, 2008): We updated the site to support the latest Adobe Flash version (9,0,124,0). You DO NOT require this version but if you have it or get it, you'll be fine. (smile)

EDIT (August 31, 2008): Adblock Plus and Firefox3 aren't playing well with FS Slideshow and Flash. Sorry (sad) We're trying to work on this and overcome the issue with Adblock plus, updates when we have them....

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