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  • Uploading from Photoshop CS2 or CS3 Bridge
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  1. Anonymous

    Doesn't work for me with CS2.  Files upload but don't show up in gallery.

    1. Email the Help Desk with the link to your site so we can look at your upload log. They we'll go from there (smile)

  2. Anonymous

    I am working with CS2 Bridge.  When I try to publish photos to smugmug, I get a script error.

  3. Anonymous

    I am using bridge cs3 and when i check for online portfolios and galleries that option is not available.

  4. We are currently investigating the troubles with CS2 Bridge, trying to establish whether this is an Adobe issue or a SmugMug issue and what's causing it.

    For CS3 Bridge, be sure in Bridge CS3 Preferences, under "Startup Scripts" that Photoshop Services is checked.  If you have more trouble, please drop us a line at the help desk,

    1. Anonymous

      I am still having trouble uploading thru CS2 Bridge - have you found any answers to your investigation yet?

  5. Anonymous

    I have a problem uploading photos from Bridge to Smugmug. The phots got uploaded to the Smugmug is not the original size anymore. It became much smaler

    Original size: 2336px x 3504px | Current: 400px x 600px

    I would like to upload the full size of my pictures to Smugmug. Please help. Thanks!

  6. Anonymous

    This works great for me using CS3 Bridge on my Mac... for one picture at a time despite having multiple photos selected.

    Any suggestions about what I'm doing wrong?

    Thanks and take care,

  7. Anonymous

    Ooops, just call me inpatient.

    The uploaded works as advertised, it just only shows the progress bar for the first photo upload. The rest occur in the background.

    Sorry for the premature question.

    Thanks for the great plug-in. This is, by far, the best means of uploading to SmugMug I've yet used.

    Take care,

  8. Anonymous

    I have CS3 Extended, does this work for my version?

  9. Anonymous

    I have CS3 Extended at home and the uploader works perfectly from Bridge. I have the same setup at my office (different network) and the Photoshop services don't have an option for uploading to SmugMug. I'm thinking it may be a network security thing on my office pc. The IT department here runs a pretty tight ship.

  10. Anonymous

    Any plans for implimenting this for Bridge CS4?

  11. Anonymous

    How about CS4?

  12. Anonymous

    I am using cs4 also... will it work?

  13. Anonymous

    I am also using CS4 and I am disappointed that this feature is not included. Upgrading and not having usuable features from the previous version doesn't make sense. Please help with how we can get this feature.


    1. I'm so sorry (sad)  If we could make adobe do it, we would!  Try our simple uploader, it's really easy, just drag from Bridge to the Simple Uploader. 

  14. Anonymous

    I can't get the captions I wrote in CS3 in the descriptions field to show up as captions in smugmug... any ideas?

    1. If they are truly in Iptc description field, they'll work - email us at our help desk so we can assist - thanks!

  15. Anonymous

    Roadblocked in attempting to upload from PhotoShop Elements 6 (Mac) Bridge CS3 to SmugMug gallery. Any suggestion on which uploader to use? I have tried several and none works. Thanks!

  16. Anonymous

    I have CS2 and do not have the option to upload to smugmug. my only option is flickr and more photos.  how do I add smugmug to the list?

    1. Anonymous

      I'm in the same boat...Using CS2, have no option for SmugMug

    2. Anonymous

      same problem here as well. any response or fixes yet?

    3. Anonymous

      me too. Using CS2 Bridge, no Smugmug choice

      1. Anonymous

        any answers yet? I am doing a free trial. Unless I can get this to work I will not join.

        1. Anonymous

          DON'T JOIN! They suck! Their customer service is awful and none of their services work!

  17. Anonymous

    Can not get the drag and drop to work with CS2 ? Can I use CS2 bridge to upload photos?

  18. Anonymous

    Is there a way to use the CS3 Bridge uploader for files other than JPGS to upload to my SmugVault? The Simple Uploader kills my internet connection every time.

  19. Anonymous

    just tried  this - worked flawlessly.  lets see if it gets through the 200 image batch... if so then this is way better than just using fireuploader from firefox.

  20. Anonymous

    Will the upload be the same for TIF files as it is for JPEG

  21. Anonymous

    ABSOLUTELY USELESS!!! As with the rest of their downloaders, this is a waste of time and money! If you have paid for this web hosting, get your money back! If you haven't, don't! They don't work and they don't care that they don't work! Awful customer service accompanied by a lack of operating downloaders for adding pictures makes this one of the most useless websites that I have ever used!!!

  22. Anonymous

    I have used Mac Daddy from Day one. It has worked flawlessly. I shoot raw only. I save them to jpeg in Bridge then drag the whole jpeg folder into MacDaddy. I have done as many as 1500 pictures at one time. It is so slick. Check out my galleries.

  23. Anonymous

    This worked for me from CS3 Bridge first time

  24. Anonymous

    Will it work with CS4?


    1. Anonymous

      HELLO? Anybody have a solution to uploading from Adobe CS4?? Thanks.

  25. Anonymous

    Cannot find this service with my new CS4 extended. Really dissapointed since my old elements worked so well uploading to SmugMug. Any chance this service is included and I can't locate it?