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  1. Anonymous

    I cannot find any information on how to grab the embed link for the video. I have looked through the interface and read all of the FAQ but nothing is helping.

  2. Anonymous

    What do I need to do to get an Animoto video to appear if embedded, and to appear/play correctly if I upload it?

    I'm using a Windows Media Center, & up-to-date firefox.

    When I upload video created by Animoto, and click on it, it appears in new window (regardless of gallery style), Very small, and the rectangle to click to make it full screen is mostly cropped off. If my cursor goes near the video box, it sputters and stops.

    When I copy code to embed Animoto video, absolutely NOTHING appears. I've tried embedding it in description box of old and new Journal gallery style, and in description box of galleries.

    I've contacted Animoto, but nothing's helped so far, so I'm really hoping smugmug can help me, especially since embedded Animoto video plays Fine on my blogger blog.

    Thank you -

  3. Anonymous

    I'm not happy with the 10 minute limit on each video file. If I want to be restricted by that, I'll go upload to YouTube, where it's free, not pay for a Pro account with SmugMug. I can understand a 1GB file size limit, or perhaps a 60 minute limit per video file, but 10 minutes is just plain silly.

  4. Anonymous

    I'm disappointed with this company!  First I can't work on the files on Thursday nit because the maintance on that nit; maybe my bad luck day for me to work that nit.  Now I can't upload video with avi files after spending time recoding!  I will end my Pro account once it is finish unless this company spend more decent time listening to their clients. If you are new and want to have an account; I would say NO...go some place else.

    Wayne L

    Wedding Photogrtaphy

    1. Wayne, we would love to help.  Please contact us at our help desk.

      We do not always see comments on the wiki.