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Retrieves a list of images for a given album.


  • SessionID - string.
  • AlbumID - integer.
  • Heavy - boolean (optional).
  • Password - string (optional).
  • SitePassword - string (optional).
  • AlbumKey - string.


    standard response

  • array Images
    • struct Image
      • integer id
      • string Key

    heavy response

  • array Images
    • struct Image
      • integer id
      • string Key
      • string FileName (owner)
      • string Caption
      • string Keywords
      • integer Position
      • string Date (owner)
      • string Format
      • integer Serial
      • boolean Hidden
      • integer Size
      • integer Width
      • integer Height
      • string MD5Sum (owner)
      • string LastUpdated
      • string AlbumURL
      • string TinyURL
      • string ThumbURL
      • string SmallURL
      • string MediumURL
      • string LargeURL (if available)
      • string XLargeURL (if available)
      • string X2LargeURL (if available)
      • string X3LargeURL (if available)
      • string OriginalURL (if available)
      • string Video320URL (video only, if available)
      • string Video640URL (video only, if available)
      • string Video960URL (video only, if available)
      • string Video12800URL (video only, if available)
      • string Latitude (if available)
      • string Longtitude (if available)
      • string Altitude (if available)
      • struct Album
        • integer id
        • string Key

Fault Codes

  • 4 - "invalid user (message)"
  • 5 - "system error"
  • 15 - "empty set - no images found"
  • 18 - "invalid API key"
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  1. Anonymous

    For the arguments listed, do you mean AlbumID and AlbumKey instead of ImageID and ImageKey? Makes more sense if you want to get all the images in an album.


  2. Anonymous

    What does the the "5 System error" error mean? What has gone wrong and how does one correct it?


  3. Anonymous

    Longitude is misspelled.

  4. Anonymous

    As of February, 2009:

    Possible values for the "Format" field are: JPG, GIF, PNG, MPG, MP4

    The "Position" field describes the position of the photo if the album does not have any sort method applied. This may be different than the gallery is displayed online. The "Images" array will contain the photos in the order they are displayed on the web gallery.

    Timestamps, such as found in "LastUpdated", are in PDT (U.S. Pacific Time Zone)

  5. Anonymous

    "Video12800URL" -- how many zeros should this have? 12,800 pixels seems like a lot (big grin)