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  • Arranging Photos Tips including numbering files 1,2,3,4 (rather than 00001 and so on).
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  1. Anonymous

    I keep trying to arrange the photo by AUTO-ARRANGE. So Far it isnt working- I keep reading the tips and trying. Hope I get It.wounded


    1. Anonymous

      Same here- have changed & rechanged my files & Numbers but still does not Auto arrange.

  2. Anonymous

    I'll chime in that Auto arrange is not working. It is also difficult to manually sort a photo from one page of thumbnails to another.

  3. Anonymous

    Yeah.  Auto arrange just doesn't work - at least not by the two ways that I want to do it, by date taken or by file name.

  4. Anonymous

    For my first 2 galleries I used filename numbering so that it comes in the required order into the gallery after uploading. I had therefore to keep auto sort set on filename with ascending number. After a little while I wanted to change the order of a few photos. Then I realized it had trapped me into complete inability to rearrange anything. When I set Auto Sort to None, my photos where badly reshuffled and I had to painstakingly rearrange almost all one by one. When I left Auto Sort to Filename, any local rearranging I did after checking 'arrange mode' was lost as soon as I browsed through gallery pages, without getting any warning I would loose my time.

     Really,  rearranging photos is a poor (or nut-) case on SmugMug. They must fix this urgently. I suggest implementing an extra option for Auto Sort : None But Keep Image Order As Is Now. That should not be very difficult to do for the programmers.

    1. Anonymous

      That is an excellent idea. Another option (which would work well for me) is to sort them by date and time. I takes lots of "trip" pictures and I always organize them that way.

    2. Anonymous

      I agree 100%.

      This is the issue I came across.

  5. Anonymous

    i have not found any way to just drag the album thumbnail to manually reset the order. all i can find is a bunch of arrows to click and move for the albums. its horid. does anyone know a way to drag? Im just getting started with this as im moving 20,000 files over from phanfare

  6. Anonymous

    Select the Style for a gallery as All Thumbs, then click the "arrange" box at the top left of the thumbnails.  Then you should be able to drag images into the order you want.  Works for me.

  7. Anonymous

    The sorting feature is terrible. It basically doesn't work. Why isn't there a select all? Why is the only option "reverse" why doesn't it pay attention to the numbers in the file names. The file name sort is either broken or very convoluted in the way it sorts. This is EXTREMELY frustrating. Also, I arranged all the photos manually. Then I couldn't find the save button and lost all my work. This thing is really bad

  8. Anonymous

    Yep...have arranged over and over to no avail...does not work.