SmugMug API

SmugMug's API

Developer Accounts

If you are building something for all SmugMug customers to use, we'll start you off with a free, full-featured Business account with all the bells and whistles for one year! If you continue to fully support your application, enhance it, and fix bugs, we'll make that account free even longer. Simply send an email to letting us know what your application will do, a link to it if it is already under development, and a link to some of your prior work.

Already have an account? Just include it in your email. Don't have an account yet? Do not start a trial; email us at the address above and we will get you set up.

Commercial Applications

We're thrilled that you want join the tens of thousands of other businesses built on top of SmugMug.  Email first for approval or clarification.

Getting Started



oEmbed is an open standard designed to allow embedding image or video content into websites.



Uploading has a few special requirements above and beyond the rest of the API, including a special hostname.



If you only need read-only access to data at SmugMug, you might be able to simply consume our RSS, Atom, OSRSS, or KML feeds: